Important milestone: Mayor requests permission to sign MOA with UMass on April 8

We are encouraged to learn that the Mayor of the City of Waltham, Jeannette McCarthy, is seeking Council approval to sign a Memorandum of Agreement between UMass and the City at City Council on Monday, April 8.

While this is not a Public Hearing where the members of the public are invited to address the Council or raise hands in support, it always helps to show the City Council that preservation of the field station is important enough that we show up despite restrictions on participation. Wear an article of clothing or something that identifies you as a supporter of any of our tenant organizations! Members of the tenants group who are working very hard behind the scenes will be there!

We also encourage everyone to continue contacting the key players:

  • Contact City Councillors to support acquisition by the City using CPA funding and to demand permanent preservation of agriculture and open space on the site and commit to the Sustainability Community now on site
  • Email, call, write to UMass to demand immediate lease guarantees through 2020

The public’s support is essential and we’re beginning to see some real results! Let’s keep the momentum going!