Councillor Nabulime Reflects on Town Hall Meeting

From Sharline Nabulime’s Facebook, MARCH 10th, 2019

I am so grateful to everyone who came to the town- For your voice in the fight for our only remaining farm, I thank you. To Senator Barrett, for your fight, leadership, and clear call to action, I thank you. To Mayor McCarthy, Representative Stanley, and all the other elected officials who showed up in support of our farm, I thank you! Your presence spoke volumes. To the Ward 3 Councillor, George Darcy, thank you for your presentation and for all your work to save our farm. To the AMAZING people from the organizations that make up The Urban Center for Sustainability in Waltham, thank you for sharing how intricately the work you do is tied to the farm. 200+ people showed you how much they appreciate the work you do. I cannot thank you enough.

To my constituents, friends of the farm, and neighbors here and across city lines – I thank you for coming to the town-hall. I was heartened by the emails of support from Vermont, Maine, Milton, Newton, Belmont, Cambridge, Boston, Arlington, Beverly etc., Sarah from Belmont took public transportation to be there – thank you Sarah 🙂 Your stories, comments, thoughts, and ideas on saving our farm encouraged me to keep fighting.
To Dave the custodian, for being so helpful and gracious with your time, I thank you.

A Councillor is only as good as his/her constituents – that’s why I would like to thank June who insisted on the urgency of a town-hall about our farm. Thanks to Kate and her amazing son Ari for manning the sign-in table. Thanks to Jennifer, Joey, and others for passing out water. I’ll get in trouble if I start mentioning names because the list is endless and I’ll forget people. So I take this awesome opportunity to thank our community for coming together in a huge show of support for Waltham Fields Community Farm. That was your town-hall and I have no doubt UMass Amherst heard you loud and clear! May our collective vision, voice, and love❤️ for our only farm propel us forward. I’ll be in touch via email with details from our meeting and the next steps forward.

Gratefully yours,
Councillor Nabulime